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TitleMemória Científica do Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
Short TitleFonds
Access Date2021, Apr. 18
Level of DescriptionFonds
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Creator NameInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
ArchivistLeite, Marciana Ribeiro
Barbedo, Simone Angélica Del Ducca
Pazos, Marcelo de Castro
Aparecido, Sérgio
Mendes, Roseli Roche
Pereira, Clayton Martins
Banon, Gerald Jean Francis
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Contents{identifier, 8JMKD3MGPCW/3EQCC85 or identifier, 8JMKD3MGPCW/3F2P9KH} {Produção Intelectual}
{identifier, 8JMKD3MGPCW/3KD996B or identifier, 8JMKD3MGP5W/3C9JGK9 or identifier, 8JMKD3MGPCW/3KM3S8E or identifier, 8JMKD3MGP5W/3C9JHN5 or identifier, 8JMKD3MGPCW/3DUJC35} {Arquivos pessoais de pesquisador}
{identifier, 8JMKD3MGP8W/3DRHU4L} {Comissão-de-Estudo ABNT/CB08/SC010/CE70}
{identifier 83LX3pFwXQZ5Jpy/CxGU3 or identifier, 8JMKD3MGP8W/38ELNHL or identifier, 8JMKD3MGP7W/3E6FG2L or identifier, 3ERPFQRTDW/3EU2R42 or identifier, 8JMKD3MGPDW34P/3QPJD6P or identifier, 8JMKD3MGPDW34R/3SR8J9B or identifier, 8JMKD3MGP7W/3GDK2ML or identifier, 8JMKD3MGPDW34R/446QSU2} {Bibliotecas de evento e Anais}
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