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             abstract = "The lakes and reservoirs morphometry as surface shape, surface 
                         area, underwater form, depth, and the irregularity of their 
                         shoreline have a major impact on turbulence, water stratification, 
                         sedimentation and resuspension, and the extent of littoral-zone 
                         wetlands that determine lake and reservoir functioning. The degree 
                         of irregularity is most frequently estimated from the shoreline 
                         development factor that reflects the extent to which the measured 
                         shore length is greater than the length of the circumference of a 
                         circle of an area equal to that of the lake. As indicated by 
                         Assireu et al. (2004), this index is not able to detect 
                         high-resolution geomorphologic features. In this work we present a 
                         dynamical morphometric index, based on recognition pattern 
                         techniques, which enable us to identify, for each wind direction, 
                         what are the reservoir regions not subject to wind-induced 
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