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             abstract = "The impacts of precipitation on the water quality along the Purus 
                         river, located in the Brazilian State of Amazonas, was 
                         investigated using TRMM 3B42 data and information about water 
                         acquired in four different areas along the river. The Purus river 
                         is located in one of the most natural environment of the Amazon 
                         Basin. Although this area is well protected, all villages of the 
                         area are found in some places along of the river course. In order 
                         to know the relationship between the Purus water quality and other 
                         factors like precipitation and deforestation, samples of the water 
                         quality obtained if four different places of the river stream were 
                         analyzed together with remote sensing images. The parameters 
                         evaluated (temperature, conductivity, turbidity, pH and solids in 
                         suspension) revealed significant correlation when compared to the 
                         precipitation regime. Weak values were found for water quality 
                         versus deforestation. The human impacts are noted in the area 
                         where the land use is more intense. In those places the parameters 
                         turbidity and solids in suspension are more affected. All pH 
                         values showed strong acidity of the water and the it can be caused 
                         by the high acidity of the soil, although other factors can be 
                         associated to this phenomena.",
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